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Postby Sharpnose on Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:03 am

Username: Sharpnose

Character's Name: Storm

Age: full-grown wolf/ alpha

Gender: male

Type/Breed: Gray Wolf ([i]Canis Lupis[i])

Fighting Style: ... :roll: :oops: ..... umm... I don't really know that yet...

Appearence: Long Dark Gray/ Brownish Colored fur, Determined golden colored eyes, tall, long legs ( Don't all wolves have long legs?), big paws

Pack: Mountain Pack (I made it up...)

Mate: Blizzard (a white wolf... I made her up too...)

Rank: Alpha wolf

Personality: Determined, strong, brave, kind

Storm's father's mother (or grandmother) was a husky. Other wolves in the pack often teased Storm because of his 'wolf-dog' family. Storm's friend Pike was the only wolf that respected Storm when he was a pup. Because of his gray pelt, his mother, Snow, and Father, Smokey, decided to give him the name of Storm.

Special Abilitties: climbing up rocks, jumping high

Other interesting facts:
Storm once led a dog sled team. He also helped anothe wolf pack. Also Storm's pack (Mountain Pack) is not all realated. The Mountain Pack is not all family, like most wolf packs. Storm and his pack used to live in the mountains...
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