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Characters/Breeds-My Official List

Postby Firewolf on Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:14 am

Metallics ~Status: Inactive
Cerave ~Status: Inactive (except those characters played by me)
Vecare ~Status: Failed
Incendia ~Status: Failed
Hippie Wolves ~Status: Inactive/Failed
Calines Status: Failed
Dreamers ~Status: Failed

~Inactive (Willing to still play)~
These characters are ones that are very inactive but I am very willing to continue with them.
Keira and Alanis

~Inactive (Unwilling)~
These are characters that are either impulses or I have lost interest in them. These are subject to change if need be.
Rikki Tikki Tavi
Ravana, Zeppelin, Freedom
Pharoah, Elysian, Anubis, Avery, Austin

These characters have died in roleplay.
Nakita-1st character ever
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Re: Characters/Breeds-My Official List

Postby Firewolf on Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:44 am

Ok Now the hard part: the ones from rp requests.

Name: Nuada (New-a-da)
Nickname: Nu
Species: Platinum Metallic
Age: 9 years old
Gender: Male
Status: Active
Appearance: Nu's coat is a metallic light grey. Nuada's eyes are pure white. His feathered wings are white with pewter grey bars across them similar to a Peregrine Falcon. He is lighter then the average Platinum but still a good size. Nine years old would be old but the platinum slows his aging process considerably.
Personality: Nuada is a father figure, a friend, a wise man, and a charmer. He is extremely protective of his fellow Metallics and will do anything for them. Platinum is an excellent catalyst in the natural world. He was the first to sleep and the first to wake from the hibernation. He tries to guide the Metallics the best he can.
Power: Telepathy
Name: Daniel
Nickname: Danny
Age: 3 years
Species: Werewolf
Parents: Fire (deceased) and Donovan (never met him)
Surrogate mother: Keeva
Status: Inactive but willing
Personality: Danny is a charming wolf in his prime. His medical knowledge gives him confidence. He is not happy that he can not cure mental ills such as depression and anxiety. He is neutrally alligned.
Appearance: Right now he only knows his wolf form. His fur is white just like his Dad. As almost an afterthought, splotches of medium grey are found on his ears, paws, muzzle, and tail. His eyes are a warm golden color.
History: In his very young life, Daniel has already suffered much. His mother had died giving birth to him due to the fact she had pneumonia and was stressed. Of course Daniel doesn't know this for he had never heard the name Fire in his life. No, instead in his eyes, his mother's name is Keeva. Although just a juvenile, Keeva had found the helpless pup and had cared for it as her own. By some miracle, Daniel hadn't gotten pneumonia but his lungs were still slightly scarred from it. A cough or two can sometimes be heard from the pup but otherwise he is perfectly fine. When he was 9 weeks old, he got lost from Keeva by wandering. Adopted by Silvana, Danny was promoted to Prince of Forbidden Echoes.
Name: Iris
Gender: Female
Age: Immortal though she looks 4
Pack: N/a (From the Neverending Story)
Status: Inactive but willing to play.
Rank: N/a
Mate: None
Appearance: Iris is a a pale ivory color. Her eyes are a dark lavender. Her tail is tipped with black, red, orange, and yellow in a fire pattern. This is very strange for a potential lightning wolf. She is slender and very pretty.
Personality: she is a very understanding and loyal to a fault. It is rumored that she will be the first to get to paradise. What everyone doesn't know is that Iris has a wild streak. She is sick of the "goody two shoes" image. All she wants is to be free from the strain of being so good. And she will do anything for that to happen.
History: Iris was born a normal wolf, just like everybody else. However her parentage made her go to Limbo instead of Judeca or Elysian Valley. Since she was mostly good, Iris was reborn with the light coloration. However, something tipped her tail with the colors of fire. Being kicked out for this, Iris soon began searching for something. But she does not know what.
Powers: is a lightning potential. when she is accepted she will have the power of lightning.
Name: Samara
Age: 2 years
Breed: Shiba Inu
Status: Inactive but willing
Father: Cyrus
Mother: Thern
Brother: Velourium
Height: 15 inches
Weight: 23 pounds.
Color: Black base with white and tan points.
Personality: From the get go, Samara had been spoiled and had been taught that someday, she would rule. Because of this, Samara knows how to be a good leader. Extremely tough, Samara has no problem taking on something much bigger then herself. Very intelligent, she can escape from any situation, just like her daddy. However, Samara is a bit more outgoing and more trusting then her sire.
History: Born on Canine Island, moved with the pack to the mainland before forced to return on her father's command. Started a new pack and then watched as her father came home and died, giving that final speech. After this, the memories become a blur. Samara thinks she had resurrected Cyrus but has not seen him since and so can only believe the rumors that he may be alive. Upon the second destruction of the island from yet another deadly hurricane, Samara moved to the mainland and now must fulfill her destiny and take her dad's place as alpha.
Name: Ferrari
Age: Adult
Breed: Cyx
Gender: Female
Status: Waiting on Cross
Appearance: Like this but with a smaller mane and like the picture provided by Cross. Her eyes are red.
Personality: She is the last female of her breed and she is very grateful for this fact. In general, Ferrari is a stable creature, although she is quite ready to kill at a second's notice. Quick to anger, Ferrari is not afraid to pull put that tail mouth and eat anything and everything in her path. Full of pride, this Cyx will not be pushed around.
Name: Lithium
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male
Disorder: Bipolar
Mate: None
Pack: doesn't have a name yet
Status: Inactive but willing
Appearance: Lithium is jet black and has white socks, muzzle, tail tip and above his eyes. He is slender but not deathly thin. Worrying and depression have taken there tole. He is often seen with his ears pinned back and his tail set low. When he is actually happy, his tail is raised high and he looks quite normal. His eyes are a sad, but gorgeous shade of blue.
Personality: Since he has Bipolar, Lithium is a walking ontradiction. When he is in his depressed stage, he barely talks and when he does he has a pessimistic and sarcastic attitude. During this stage, he is extremely creative, often writing poetry. When Lithium is at his normal, stable stage, he is extremely charming and can easily be passed off as any other normal wolf. However, on the rare occasions when Lithium turns Manic, he gets off the wall. He talks none stop and is extremely happy. Some might even call his antics annoying. No matter what stage Lithium is in, he is extremely smart and pretty gentle.
Name: Misae (mee-sah-EH)
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Female
Species: Carbon Metallic
Power: Under high psychological or physical stress, her entire skeleton, teeth, and claws turn to diamond. Examples of stress would include: fighting, endangered, extreme sadness, extremely mad, or any other extreme emotion.
Carbon: She is black with sooty grey swirls going from head to tail. It looks like she had been playing in a fireplace. Her feathered wings are black. Misae has white eyes and a white diamond on her forehead. Her teeth and claws are made of carbon and are a medium grey. Coloration is like this.
Diamond: Her base turns white. Her wings, forehead diamond, and swirls turn very light grey. Her teeth and claws become clear and hard as diamonds. Her body and wings seem to have diamonds on them when they hit the sunlight and usually sparkle. Coloration
Personality: She is mellow and generally nice to everyone. It takes her life to be endangered to enter into her diamond form. Taught from puppy hood to be a gentle, affectionate, and very proper girl, Misae usually follows those characteristics. Sophisticated might be the term to describe her best. Misae knows that she is extremely rare, unique, and often sought after by the richest of humans. Although she doesn’t flaunt this fact, she knows all to well that her skeleton is envied by everyone.
History: Misae belongs to an unknown line of metallics. The millionaires of the human world wanted a quick and dirty way to get diamonds. These were then sold for millions of dollars on the black market. Unlike the other two lines, these Metallics were pampered and trained to a fault. Many excelled in canine activities such as agility, flyball, or conformation trials. Misae was trained in agility. When they turned 2 years old, the humans put them through a “Trial.” To do this, they sent their “beloved” Metallics into an underground fighting ring. This was not the disgusting event known as “pit fighting,” according to their owners but rather a test to see if the Carbons would turn. These owners used fire, ice, very aggressive dogs, or any other stressful event. Those who turned were killed that day and the diamonds were harvested. Those who resisted, or simply couldn’t turn were kept alive until the next trial. In Misae’s case, she resisted even while they attempted to burn her, throw chunks of ice at her, and even while she was being attacked again and again. When the humans burned themselves, Misae dug herself a den. As a Carbon Metallic this was her home and she could have stayed there until the end of time. But, like the rest of Metallics, she woke up to a brand new world.
Name: Saphira
Nickname: Sapphy...only her brother can call her this. Anyone else will get a swift butt-kicking.
Breed: Gemstone Incarnate-Sapphire
Gender: Female
Description: The fur near her spine is navy blue and looks almost black. The shades of blue decrease as you go downwards. Her paws are baby blue. Small specks of purple run through her coat and follow the same pattern as the blue. Her teeth and claws are pure sapphire and are rivaled in hardness only by Sokolov. Believe me, you do not want to be on the other end of those claws.
Personality: Saphira is not quite as bitchy as Miss Na, but she makes up for that with her blunt sarcasm. A true pessimist, Saphira makes any situation the worst case scenario. Loyalty goes to her brother first, then Sokolov, and then to the rest of the pack. If anyone even looks at her brother wrong, Saphira will not tolerate it. Some have said that she cares way to much while others say she lacks a heart. Depending on the situation, Saphira can agree with both sides.
Abilities: Her brother is her life. He is her connection to the world. If he dies, she suffers. If he feels pain, Saphira feels it twice as badly. Because of this, Saphira is fiercely protective of her twin whether he wants it or not.
Name: Islia
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Female
Species: Samoyed
Appearance: Image Like the picture but with light pink eyes.
Personality: Islia is deaf. She has lived in a soundless world since birth. Everything she knows is through her pink eyes. Although she is not an albino, Islia was born with the difficulties as if she were one. Even with her disability, Islia is the typical Samoyed; generally happy, regal, and mature.
History: Her parents did not abandon her for her deafness. Instead they kicked her out for showing interest in both genders. Because of this, Islia tries to keep her attraction to both genders hidden. However, that doesn't mean she will never fall for another female.
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Re: Characters/Breeds-My Official List

Postby Firewolf on Thu Dec 10, 2009 1:18 pm

Updated Profiles for Fire and Soren

Name: Fire
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Breed: werewolf(lycan)
Mate: Donovan(No idea where he is), Soren?
Son: Daniel (Danny)

Appearance: Human form: She has slightly dark blonde hair with lighter blond highlights. Fire has Hazel eyes that sometimes turn blue. She is slightly skinny but not anorexic looking nor overweight. She is about 5'3" Wolf form: She is a light grey with blue flame markings on her muzzle, ears, tail, and feet. There is also a wide dorsal stripe of flames. She keeps the coloration of her eyes.

Personality: This Were is sarcastic. She will debate with you on anything. Once you get to know her she is still sarcastic yet you develop a sort of immunity to it. However, she is shy around strangers and will not be the B*tch that she is around the people she knows and loves. This Were is always thinking and you can tell.

History: Her parents were both Weres. They trained her in their ways. When she turned 18 she was given the choice to stay or leave. She went to college in human form. But she was kicked out by the dean because a human saw her in her wolf form. Once she was out she stayed in her wolf form for two months. She was soon adopted by Shattered Dawn and fell in love with Donny. After a war, she left the pack to give birth to her unknown son Daniel (Danny). She died of pneumonia. Six months later, love has brought her back to life in the form of her college crush, Soren.
Name: Soren
Age: 26 years old.
Breed: werewolf
Gender: male
Mate: Fire?
Appearance: Human form:Short black hair with gorgeous blue eyes. He is slightly pale but otherwise handsome looking. He is average sized and does not look to be as strong as he actually is. Middle Form and wolf form: His coat is a very pleasant black color His blue eyes seem to be even bluer against his black coat. He has red slash marks (Like Scar) over both eyes.

Personality: He absolutely loves to teach. He will literally find something to try and teach to you. Because of this passion to teach he loves kids and seems to get along nicely with them. Soren is also charming when he wants to be though he is not the typical guy girls crawl over. In fact he is often ignored because he rarely talks when he is among a crowd. When he found out some news he had pretty much shut down. He didn't talk and he had a far away look in his eyes.
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Re: Characters/Breeds-My Official List

Postby Firewolf on Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:49 pm

Name: Crystal
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Shiba Inu
Gender: Female

Appearance: Crystal's base color is black. On her muzzle, ears, feet, and tip of her tail are royal blue flame markings. Her belly and back also have flames running their length. This gives her the appearance of being outlined in fire. Her black feather wings have royal blue flight feathers. The rest of the feathers are tipped in royal purple. Crystal's eyes are a sky blue color similar to a Husky's. Around her neck she has a royal purple leather collar with actual sapphire hearts spaced evenly around it. The loop of the collar is silver.

Personality: Crystal is first and foremost a worrier. She worries about her past and she worries about her future. She tends to hold a grudge and she gets very anxious when around strangers. Crystal is generally quiet but tends to talk constantly when she is around those she is comfortable with. Crystal is loyal to her friends but constantly worries about being abandoned. Sometimes she looks down on herself for being a failure and not as good as others. She tends to be lazy and would rather lay around then run constantly. This shiba observes and is very interested in the behavior of the world. She is also very interested in medicine.

~I hope to one day get this girl active. However do to WW's dead as a doornail appearance, that hope may die before it even begins. *sigh*~
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