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Assassin Wolves and Life Spirits (updated)

Postby Mistress_Unknown on Wed Feb 14, 2007 1:16 pm

Creator: Mistress_Unknown

Species: Assassin Wolf

Looks: Each assassin wolf has a crow mark somewhere on their body, and are generally dark colors with slight secondary coloring of a lighter (but still dark) color, such as maroon, navy or dark emerald. For example, an assassin could be black with dark grey parts to their fur, or a deep red assassin could have dark brown interwoven in their fur.
However, all Assassin wolves have bright colored eyes that are striking against such dark coloring. They also have silver pupils, almost appearing to be blind. This allows them to see the world in a slightly different way: they can see in solarized vision. This allows them to differentiate between sunlight and artificial light as well as what it is reflecting off of (living things of warm blood often reflect blues or blacks, living things of cold blood reflect yellow or red, non living things will not reflect light, or reflect a slight green color). This applies to any light, though sunlight is the best reflector (artificial light reflects a sickly version of the colors above).

Powers: All assassin wolves can change their fur color to match their environment, like a chameleon does. This does not hide their scent or presence to those who can see aura. However, assassins have what is known as a “void aura”. Undetectable except by aura sight, and it looks like a black hole rather than a wolf glowing.

History: Assassin wolves have been around for as long as anyone can remember. They work as mercenaries, rarely forming pack ties or familial ties, but it is not impossible. They are often not welcome in a pack, as they can be “bought” into betrayal, but most assassins will settle down in a pack, if what the Alpha offers them is suitable.
However, all assassins are considered connected to each other, forming a sort of unofficial “order” that can be contacted as a whole for help. This is called the Corvus Ordo or “Order of the Crow.” There are no official heads to this order, merely the oldest members advising and teaching the younger members. Elder members of the Order also decide if a “non-bloodline” trainee can qualify for training (if a wolf not born an assassin can enter the Order).
Some of the elders began to see differently from one another, creating four factions within the Order that are in a weak peace with one another and perform different types of jobs as well as social interactions. There is also a rebel faction that split away from the Order unofficially, though it still retains its assigned name.
Assassins do not live with the Order, they merely receive orders and job assignments from it. They can take independent contracts, but ones from the Order cannot be ignored.


Corvus Lux: “Crows of Light.” These assassins bare black Crows on their bodies. Officially in charge of jobs involving relocation and protection detail, these assassins have been known to branch out into things such as finding missing pack members or light tracking (stalking) on another. They believe in the fundamental saying “Life is Sacred, Take Only Life That Cannot be Saved.”

Corvus Umbra: “Crows of Shadow.” Those who bare a white Crow on them. Officially, these assassins are in charge of subterfuge and sabotage, with little or no killing. However, they have been known to take light assassinations, such as heads of protection or minor leaders in a group if it promises to cause chaos for the opposition. They believe in the fundamental saying “Within Chaos shall be Created Order and Rebirth.”

Corvus Sophos: “Crows of Wisdom.” Dark blue Crows mark these, the oldest of the assassins. This is the elder faction of the Order, not so much a faction as simply the name of the elders. All Crow marks are eventually replaced with this dark blue one when an assassin manages to live to old age.

Corvus Caedis: “Crows of Blood.” These are perhaps the most violent assassin faction, those who proudly bare a blood red Crow on them. Taking most of the actual killing jobs, these assassins relish in the kill and take out as many in the process as they think are needed. They are perhaps the most well trained killers available, but also the ones to be the most wary of. They live by their code of “Purity of All though Drowning in Blood.”

Corvus Silens: “Crows of Silence.” Those baring the brown Crow are members of the faction in charge of information gathering and trading of secrets. While this does not always involve bloodshed, obtaining the required information often involves methods that file under the do not enter area. These are perhaps the most clever of the factions, often times cheating clients out of more payment in exchange for information or selling the info back to the enemy for a higher price. They live by the creed, “The Price of Victory goes up with Every Knew Ear.”

Corvus Vigil: “Guardian Crows.” The technically rebel faction of assassins, baring gold Crows on their bodies. This faction has skill sets from all the other factions, and instead has chosen to form together to protect innocent targets. This faction protects bystanders, civilians, ordinary wolves who get caught in the crossfire. They take jobs from all factions; however, it is both well known and unproven that they often kill other faction assassins to prevent innocents from being hurt. They live by the words, “Death of a Crow is Righteous Sacrifice.”

The Different Assassin Types:

Bloodline: An assassin born from a bloodline of a previous assassin, they are born with the fur coloration and are skinny, svelte built wolves with long legs and large ears. The more “born” assassins in a Bloodline the stronger the offspring. Bloodline assassins cannot escape their birth faction and are the ones born with the ability to change their fur color and with the void aura. Often they look down on other types.

Newborn: An assassin from a different species who has shown enough promise to be welcomed into the order by the elders. Can be any species, and will eventually pick a Faction. They are given their Crow Marks upon graduation from their teachings and are directly trained by the Corvus Sophos. They are taught to change their fur color. They do NOT have the void aura, but can be taught to pull theirs closer to themselves to make it harder to see.

Non-Order: An assassin that lives outside the Order and has no connection to it. Considered everything from competition to barbarian to free-game target, Non-Order Assassins do not gain the knowledge and protection of the Order, but they have the freedom to do and go where they like. Bloodline and Newborn assassins CAN leave the Order and become Non-Order, but that makes them a target for those within the Order. Most of the time Non-Order assassins are left alone by the Factions, unless they happen to cross paths on a job.
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Life Spirits (due for edit)

Postby Mistress_Unknown on Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:45 am

Creator: Mistress_Unknown

Species: Life Spirit

Special facts: They are not really spirits; as they are life forces (like the pheanox force is the X-men Comics). They find a dying animal (any animal) and choose to live in it and along side it. They use almost all of their infinite power to keep the animal alive.

Looks: It depends on thier powers. They are based of 5 things: Light, Sound, Darkness, Purity and Tainted. There colors are as follows:

Light: Gold or pale yellow
Sound: pale blue
Darkness: black or dark grey
Purity: Pale Pink or light grey
Tainted: Dark purple

Each Spirit varies in powers. It can only be strong in one of the things listed. These powers are more like side affects that come with the Spirit. Here is a list:

Light: The ability to give it's animal wings
Sound: The animal of choice will be able to hear for dozens of miles in any direction
Darkness: Bat wings can be grown
Purity: Occasional prophetic dreams
Tainted: The same as purity


Can the Spirits be any species? No, they are its. But they can live inside any species

Do they need anything? No, Except a almost dead body

Are they god-like? Somewhat, but as I said above, they use almost all their power to keep the animal alive

How do they talk? They are telepathic

How do they talk to other animals? They can be summonded outside by the animal they live in. They will then take over the mind and appear in their true form
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