On Mult. Names, Credibility, & Posting

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On Mult. Names, Credibility, & Posting

Postby Adrasteia on Fri May 05, 2006 7:56 am

There has been a VERY recent semi-issue in regards to the credibilty of a few members. Basically, whether they are or aren't one person playing some silly games to instigate some form of aggravation between the other members for the way that they post.

Now, generally we don't mind if you happen to use a few usernames on WW- we understand that quite a few people do that because they have accounts for specific characters and want to do that for whatever reason [personally, I don't get it, but whatever works].

We [the mods] also don't enjoy having to single out any set of members, but only do so when it is needed. Now, when we notice that there are Spam posts being made that appear to have an agenda [like intentionally causing the flaming of another member or just to tick off everyone else], we take the appropriate action.

Now, to quote something the lovely Lefitte said so nicely, since it sums up exactly what we [the mods] have been feeling:
WolfWebbers try to do everything to remain peaceful and civil with everyone here. Rather you may think so or not. Especially the mods. You may not realize how much care goes into such matters because it is done privately as to not disturb the rest of the 'family' here. Before any accusations from mods are made, there is a process we go through. First, the mod who first sees the trouble will send that person a private messege. If things are not resolved they move into a move moderative state. Before any punishment is done, however, mods post about the person in the headquarters and suggest an action be considered. That person waits for feedback, often while talking to the 'trouble-maker' through pm's and trying to resolve things before any action must be taken. Everything in the pm's and the troublesome content are posted on the board for all mods to see allowing them to work as One Group. Once many mods decide the action suggested is the right one to take, it is taken. Account deletions and other such serious matters are only taken after much deliberation and consult with Wolf. This ensures things are dealt with carefully and with accuracy. These [b ]ARE[/b ] processes put down by Wolf himself and are followed very carefully and strictly.
So, please stop thinking one person, the person who is mainly dealing with you, is to blame. They were simply the first person to catch it.

So now let's get through some things that are not for debate....

On Spamming:

- Yes, "even the spam forum has rules". Every Single Forum Here Abides By The Same Rules. Don't act surprised, you're smart enough to know how to log on, join, and post.... you can Read.

- Spam does not mean you can make threads with the intent of inciting others to respond to you in a less than kind manner. That's rude, and we're not here to get into fights simpy because you may get bored and want to type with bad grammar and ridiculously pointless threads to pass the time. That's a BIG waste of others' time and WolfWeb's space.

Reminders on Posting:

- Please keep slang/internet shorthand OFF of the site, and use proper English wherever possible. Show some intelligence.

- The way you post reflects who you are to others. We do not know you in real life, so the way you use your words on here will greatly affect how you are treated. Be respectful of other members, use common sense, and think things through when making/ replying to a post.

Now I will be very blunt in case people don't understand that: talk like a moron, talk like a moron while trying to defend a moron and guess what- you will be treated like one and you will not be regarded as kindly as you could be. Don't want to be treated that way? Then don't make useless posts that make you LOOK that way. See...Simple as that.

Confused? Problems with what was said [or with me personally]? Take it up with me through PM or AIM and I will explain it to you s l o w l y.

Thank you for behaving.

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