GTX's FAQ Thread

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GTX's FAQ Thread

Postby Adrasteia on Tue Jul 04, 2006 3:47 pm

Here's a copy of the thread that GTX so kindly wrote up for the forum. All [serious] questions can be taken up there and I will edit this post with any new additions he places: [link to original post]

GTX wrote:I've noticed alot of people putting up random threads or posting off-topic in threads asking the same questions over and over and over again. Well, I'm going to take the time here to write up an FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions Page)

If you have ANY questions, ASK THEM HERE or See the FAQ Information for details on where to ask questions!

***Here's WW's original rules that were stickied, WW Navigation***

- Avatars are NOT to be larger than 125 x 125 (Width x Height) pixels. This also means you cannot substitue one for the other (Make an avatar 100 x 150, for example). Avatars cannot portray pornographic, violent, racist, or any other derogatory imagery.

How do I use an avatar?
- Access your profile by clicking "Profile" near the top of the forum page. Scroll down to the bottom of your Profile page and you will see the "Avatar Control Panel". You have several ways to set up your avatar:

Upload Avatar from your machine - Click "Browse" and you will see the contents of your computer. Find the location of the file you want in JPG or GIF format. Other formats are supported, however, these two are the best for size and quality. Chose the file you want and click "Ok", then click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

Upload Avatar from a URL - If there's an image out on the net that you like, right click on the image and choose "Properties". In there, you'll see text for "Address(URL)". Copy that entire address by highlighting it and pressing *CTRL+C*. Then, paste it into the text box area, and click "Submit". Make sure the image is 125x125 or smaller.

Link to off-site Avatar - Same as above. The only difference is that the image will be linked directly wherever you got it from rather than being hosted off of the Wolf Web servers. Make sure the image is 125x125 or smaller.

Select Avatar from gallery - You can choose from a bunch of different already made avatars hosted by Wolf Web. Simply click "Show Gallery" and choose the avatar you want, then click "Select Avatar".

Do I have to place any text anywhere for the avatars to work?
- No. Once you select the avatar and hit "Submit", it will automatically be placed as your avatar, no additional work required.

I have a really cool image but it's too large! How do I resize it?
- Open the image in Microsoft Paint (If you have another program... well... It varies with programs). Once you have the image opened, click "Image" from the top tab, then click "Attributes". Find out what the resolution of the image is. If it's, say, 250x250, then you need to make it 50% smaller. You'll have to do a little math to figure out how much smaller you need to make it, or you can just randomly guess at the percentages and check the "Attributes" after each change to see if you're close to 125x125.
Next, click "Image" from the top tab, then click "Stretch/Skew". Since MS Paint doesn't work in Pixels, you'll have to do some math to figure out the size. Change the Percentage of "Stretch" to a lower percentage. It's the image is 250x250, then you need to set both percentages to 50%.
Now that you have it at 125x125 or smaller, save the image as a JPG or GIF, and follow the steps above to use it.

I suck at editing!! I can't get the sizes right!! What can I do?!
- Send a PM to me or anyone else who'll offer help. (See bottom of post)

- Signatures are not to exceed 500 x 150 (Width x Height) pixels. This also means you cannot substitue one for the other (Make a signature 700 x 50, for example). Multiple images are allowed just so long as the combined size of the images do not exceed 500 x 150.

How do I use an signature?
- Access your profile by clicking "Profile" near the top of the forum page. Scroll down a little near the middle and you will see the "Profile Information". In there you will see "Signature". Setting up your signature is a little rough, but not too hard if you follow the steps.

- Find an image from a website you want to use, much like you would do for an avatar (See "How do I use an Avatar" above). You will need to copy a URL that ends with an image extension ( or ). After you copy the URL, paste it into your Signature text box. To make it show up as an image, you need to add "tags" to it that are IMG tags. These tags will make the image show. To add them, simply add [img]before%20the%20link%20and%20then[/img] after the link. It'll look like this:
Code: Select all

Then click "Submit" at the bottom of your profile page. If the link is correct and working, it should show up.

My link isn't working! What's wrong?
- If you are using an image from another site, that other site may not allow off-site linking. You will have to save the image and host it somewhere else, or find another place that has the image (see bottom of post).

I get a weird "X" for my image... what's wrong?
- The link may not be typed in correctly, or the file name is wrong. Make sure you have the EXACT link for your image. Try testing it out by placing the URL in your web browser to see if it works. If it doesn't then the image isn't there or off-site linking is disabled.

The image is massively huge/small! What happened?
- If you used an image hosting site, some sites will change the size. This is usually a recurring issue, so if you can't get the size right, look up a helping member (See bottom of post)

Role Playing
- Role playing is the main activity of this site, with learning about wolves and chatting next. Many, many veterans will help you with becoming a great Role Player. Some basics are needed:

Titles - There are many things you'll see in brackets in titles:

[M] or [Mature] - Rated "Mature". The thread may contain detailed violence, mild language, or the material may not be suitible for under 18. There will NEVER be any detailed descriptions to sexual activites.

[Private] - This is a private thread and should not be posted in unless contacted directly by the Topic Starter.

[Only <name>] - This is a private thread that is open ONLY to the listed name, either another member or a specific "Pack".

[Open] - Anyone can post freely in this topic.

What are some basic guidelines I need to follow?
- Start off with checking out a few posts that are already made so you can get a feel of how other's post.
- Check out the "Character Profiles" page to see other people's characters and to make your own. If you wish to make a character, follow the "Character Sheet" guidelines that are posted in the forum section.
- Have a spelling/grammar check ready if you're not great at spelling/grammar. Although there is some leniency with bad spelling or grammar, it is GREATLY appreciated if you post correctly.

I want to create a character, but what details should I use?
- Each person's character is their own. If you want ideas for characters, check out what other people have made. You can make a character that will reflect your own actions and personality, or you can try for something different. Remember when making a character, to be able to play your character well you'll need to describe him/her as you would play. If you make a character that's "Vicious", yet when you play the character he/she's friendly to everyone, it won't make sense.
Also, for "Special Abilities", there are several "Packs", such as the "Elementals", that have control over certain attributes. You can freely make a character that has an Elemental ability, but this does not automatically place you in the Elemental Pack. "God" powers, such as Invulnerability, Immortality, and such are far-fetched and are not reccomended to use on new characters. There are RARE occasions that these attributes will be used, however, at first, don't even try.

I have created a character! Now what can I do?
- You can try your par on a thread labeled [Open], however, if the story is far into it, you may want to try a story that is recently created and doesn't have many posts. Make sure you read the story and try to follow the story line. There are MANY styles to making a post. Some people's first posts are used to enhance the descriptions of their characters. Others will jump right into the story. It's your post, and you can find a style you want.

What should I post?
- As above, try to stay within the story line. The best way (I think) you can do this is to try and place yourself within the story using what other people have posted, and then posting what you think YOU would do in that situation.

Are there "rules" to playing?
***RC's RP Guide (<plug, plug>) because it elaborates more so on the IC areas.***

- A few. NEVER CONTROL ANOTHER PLAYER'S CHARACTER!!... That's the main one. You cannot make another person's character behave any way you like, or change their actions to better fit your own or to change the story. A post such as "I quickly attacked <player> and killed him!" is control of another character and will not be tolerated.

- No one sentance posts. Each post needs to be at LEAST a paragraph in lenght, and many veterans reccomend a minimal 3 paragraphs in some of their threads. If you are having trouble making a decent post, BE DESCRIPTIVE. A post like:
I walked into the woods towards the small stream

is... well... lame. Enhance it a bit:
I casually strolled into the dimly lit forest, taking note of the small stream ahead of me. The evening sun lit and orange glow through the trees, illuminating my path ever so slightly

Details not only make a post more interesting to read, it also helps the readers and other players out by placing them more into the story, which better helps the players come up with their own posts as well. If you are descriptive with posts that deal with Time, Seasons, or Weather, make sure you relate to other posts as well. If you describe a Winter scene and the post before you is a Summer scene, people will either think that somehow 6 months just went by, or that you are in the wrong topic.

I want to start my own thread. Can I do that?
- Not a problem! Just be descriptive in your post so others can follow where you're going with the story. Your title should point to the main, overall description of the story, and add the title tags as well ( [Open] [M] ect...) Unless you've talked with another Role Player, you will most likely use [Open].

What if I just want to Role Play... myself?
- You can... in a sense. This is more of simply Writing a Story, which should be placed in the Lounge. The only way this can work is if you write your story, say, a chapter at a time, then post it to receive feedback. Do not Role Play multiple characters you have made all in the same thread.

Can I join a pack?
- You'll have to find the pack leader, or ask someone within the pack about that. Most of the time, you will find a pack member/leader in the thread that has pack members. (For example, a thread labeled [Elementals] contains the members of the Elementals Pack, and you should PM the thread starter for more information). You can also find more information in the "RolePlay Requests" forum, and you can ask about joining a particular pack in there.

Can I create my own pack?
- A pack requires members. If you have an idea for a new pack, you can ask about it in the "RolePlay Requests" forum section, and people will comment on it, ask about joining, or provide feedback.

What if I still don't know what I'm doing??
- Ask in the RolePlay Requests forum section. You can also ask if someone will want to 1v1 with you (Only you and the other person make a Role Play topic) and that person can guide you and give you tips (See Bottom of Post)

- Spam is good with ketchup. However, there is no ketchup here, so Spam is not good. There is, however, a Spam Forum Section. Useless ranting, random stuff, avatar and sig tests, and more ALL go there. ALL POSTS IN THE SPAM FORUM GET DELETED ROUGHLY ONCE EVERY MONTH, so, don't post anything important there.

- Do NOT spam simply to increase your post count. Alot of times, the post count can actually reflect a member's devotion and qualities. However, the veterans do know who post to simply get posts up and those who actually post full, detailed, quality posts. Being an active Role Player is not nessecarily a way to become a "veteran", and having 1,000 posts (a milestone for most people), is definitly not a way. Rather, if you achieve 1,000 posts and other members recognize your helpfullness to other members, posting quality information, and not being a spammer, your 1,000 posts will be something you can brag about.... a little. :)

Members who will help with:
Image Editing/Hosting/Resizing
Kaze Haga

Role Play Tips, Guides, and Other Information
Midnight Timber

Creating a 1v1 Role Play Topic
Midnight Timber

*If other active members would like to help, send me a PM of what you'll like to do and I'll add you to the list*
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