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WolfWeb Forum Rules

Postby Lefitte on Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:12 pm

Welcome to Wolfweb!!

Wolfweb is a friendly, family-oriented PG-13 website and forum dedicated to promoting knowledge and understanding about Wolves to people of all ages, whether it's basic about their enviroments, way of living, and pack structure to more complicated information reguarding news of wolves, endangerment status, and even psychology and behavioral analysis (for you more science-oriented types). There is also a large, well-defined role play section specifically for those who love to or wish to role play in stories as wolves of either normal, realistic breeds to enhanced, detailed fictional breeds!

Before you jump headfirst into the forums, make sure you're following the Site Rules as follows:

Below is a list of a few basic rules that apply to the entire site. Please be aware that some sections of the forum (especially the Role Play section) may have more detailed rules.

~General Forum Rules~

- All members are to be respectful of others, reguardless of race, sex, location, age, religious or political views, etc...

- Hate messages, threats, violent messages or similar actions will result in permanent banning and possible legal action against the person.

Wolf Web does encourage debates though about most any topic so long as the initiator of the debate (or any subsequent responses) do not flame or harass anyone of any of their own views. We understand that some debates can get heated between people, but if any moderator or admin feels that the debate is getting out of hand, they CAN and WILL lock the topic.

- Multiple accounts are allowed on Wolf Web, but we ask that if someone asks who you are you do not try to impersonate a new member or lie about it. This is especially important when it comes to a staff member asking the question and withholding identities can result in consequences.

- Accounts must be accepted by an admin before you can post. Your account should accepted within 48 hours, usually within 24. If you have questions before that, use the Guest account. Username: Guest Password: 4Wolves

We apologize for this inconvenience but it is neccesary in order to keep fake robot accounts from spamming the boards, often times with inappropriate material. This process has stopped that from happening. To insure a quick response, please sign on the Guest account and send a private message titled 'new member' to Kozmo with the name of your account inside.

- The way you post reflects who you are to others. Please keep slang/internet shorthand to a minimum. Common terms such as "LoL" or "BrB" are usually accepted in the General Forums, but it should not be the main portion of your post.

- Profanity is not disallowed, but please keep it to a minimum. If it is excessive, it will be removed. Many words are blocked by a filter. Please keep in mind this is a Family Oriented Site and there are visitors of nearly all ages here.

- Repeating posts, most one word posts, or content deemed unrelated to, inappropriate to, or otherwise demeaning to the original topic is considered spam. "I'm bored", "What's up?" and similar topics are also considered spam.

- Some spam is tolerable and, if you REALLY have to post, place it in "The Basement" forum section.

Avatars and Signatures
- They cannot contain any pornographic images, crude, excessively violent, or hateful (racist, for example) images.

- All art in avatars or signatures must be used with permission and/or have the owner's copyright either visibly on it or placed in the signature.

- The maximum size for avatars is 125 by 150 pixels (Width by Height)

Having an avatar is a PRIVILEGE that can be revoked for any given length of time if you violate the rules. Typically, the Avatar is the first thing to go upon violation of the rules. Repeat offenders may have their avatars removed for extended periods of time or even permanently.

- Maximum allowable image size for an individual image in Signatures is 500x150 pixels (Width by Height)

- Multiple signature images are allowed so long as the combined size of both images does not exceed the maximum for a single image.

- Text phrases instead of, or in addition to, images are allowed, but font size and formatting should not be applied in such a way as to greatly increase the size of the signature section displayed in your forum posts. If you have images in your signature, the maximum amount of text lines you can use is 2. If you do NOT have a signature image, you can use up to 5 lines of text.

Forum Sections
- Each forum section, such as Introductions, Wolf Discussion, etc... are given descriptions directly below each forum section listing. Please post in the right area. Ask a staff member if you need something moved to another area.
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