WHAT is 'The Interview Room'?

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WHAT is 'The Interview Room'?

Postby Wolfsbane on Mon Aug 21, 2006 1:38 pm

This folder is a place where members of Wolf Web get a chance to know more about other members of the forum. Think of this section as basically a Q and A area, where the questions - and answers - are available for EVERYONE to view! Here, any member of Wolf Web can 'interview' other members of Wolf Web, or even possible 'celebrities' of some sort, (Besides ourselves, of course! :P ) such as Wildlife Habitat Conservationists, Free Thinkers, Political Activists.... possibly even an interesting Politician or Two...... (Al Gore, anyone?)
How does it work?
Information is put up in a manner pretty much like any standard forum posting thread. But, in this case one member starts a thread in this section, that introduces another member of Wolf Web and a possible interview date. For example:

Member 'Adrasteia' posts up a new topic in the Interview Folder titled:

~ Lefitte ~ Starts: 28 AUGUST/06

- She writes in this first (title) post dated 18 August/06:

Interview with Lefitte will begin on 28 August/06. After PM's she has agreed to answer 12 interview questions. As the Interviewer, I claim 8 questions, but will open up the remaining 4 questions to members of Wolf Web. PM me with your Primary, and Alternate questions. First come, first served! I will select questions from the first four members submitting questions.

- Adrasteia writes in the second post dated 19 August/06:
I have received all 4 additional questions. No More PM's please.

- Adrasteia writes in the third post dated 28 August/06:
Hello Lefitte! It's awesome to interview you like this, and am so glad you agreed to let me ask you some questions.
My first question is:

Why is your member name 'Lefitte'?

The next post will then be a response answer by Lefitte to this question Adrasteia has asked her. Followed by another posted question by Adrasteia - with another response answer by Lefitte, until all 12 of the interview questions are asked by the Interviewer, (Adrasteia) and given some sort of response by the member being interviewed, (Lefitte).
And, just as it is in a 'Real' interview, posting threads in this section MUST be limited to Q & A responses by only TWO members. Meaning, the one member person asking those questions, and the other member who posts up answers to those asked, 'interview' questions. This will keep the interview posting threads uncluttered and accessible, making information there easier to follow and read for everyone. :)
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