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Postby Wolfsbane on Mon Aug 21, 2006 1:35 pm

The Interview Room should be a place that is fun, informative and most important of all - SAFE!!! - for everyone who participates. To insure that the interview posts in this section are just that, here are rules for everyone to follow that wishes to conduct an interview, or is going to be interviewed:

1) No Full names. Unless you are a known celebrity such as Gerald Ford, Keannu Reeves or Toni Braxton and can afford your own personal security detail? Publicly listing your full name in an on-line forum is providing too much information and is unsafe.
2) No Addresses and NO phone numbers. Describing a city or local area is fine - but providing an address to where you live on this public forum would be a stalkers dream come true. Think safe - NO addresses or phone numbers!
3) Two People Max. Each posted interview thread MUST consist of just an Interviewer, and the member being Interviewed. No more! This will keep each post uncluttered, informative and properly focused on the topic(s).
4) Ask permission. By this, I mean you will need to ASK another member if they would like you to interview them - before you start a thread in this section! The best method to get an interview started, would probably be via Private Message. With PM's between you and the person you wish to interview, you can decide in advance how many questions the interview will consist of, and when it can start. If you want to request additional interview questions from other members of the forum? Then please request in a post within your interview thread, for the submission of those additional interview questions via a PM to you from members that would like to see one of their questions asked, and hopefully answered. (And be sure to properly credit the member's submitted question when asking it later, if you later decide to use it in your interview!).
5) Limit personal information. This is a Public Forum, and what is posted here is accessible to just about ANYONE who can access the internet. Remember - BE SAFE!!!!
6) No 'Mature' labeled interviews. While this section of the forum shouldn't exactly be limited to a 'G' rating, it definitely WILL NOT have material posted in it that should be classified as 'R'! Younger eyes are on the prowl here, so limit your posted material to information that can be safely read and enjoyed by everyone. Posting excessive swearing, sexual content or other inappropriate material will have your posts removed, and may rate a warning or possible site banning if the violation is too serious.
7) Answer questions that you want to! When being interviewed, and you are asked a question by a member that seems a little too personal, or is just inappropriate? Post up a response, but DON'T answer the question! Writing in a simple response, such as: 'That question is TMI for me to answer - but, I WILL tell you that.....', should work fine as an answer you're comfortable with giving, will show everyone that you're still involved, and that the rest of the interview can continue with more questions.
Interviews are all about asking questions and learning stuff but, if the asked question doesn't work well for an answer you're comfortable with, and ready to give? (Once again.....)
Ready now? Let's get those interviews started!
And most of all - have FUN!
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