Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Rules

Postby Lefitte on Fri Dec 30, 2011 3:47 pm

Roleplay Rules

What is roleplay? Roleplay, at least the form we do here, is a lot like writing a story with other people. Each person makes their own character and helps to create the story while the 'camera' follows their own character. It is often called 'text roleplay' or 'forum roleplay' and is often written in third person point-of-view.

We pride ourselves on being a site that is accepting of all levels of roleplayers. In fact, many of the veteran members started out roleplaying on Wolf Web! If you are new to roleplay or have never roleplayed before, welcome and check out RC's Guide to Roleplay and Wolflover's Big Brother/Sister Program! We also pride ourselves with being very open with creation, but we are not without our rules.

All site rules still apply in the roleplay boards.

- God-moding and power-playing is not allowed. This is when you take control of another person's character without their permission, i.e. killing someone's character in a fight, saying your character watched someone else's character climb a tree when they didn't. If you have someone's permission to control their character, please make a small note of it so it never becomes a problem.

- All threads should be marked appropriately when there is reason to mark them. Mature threads should be marked with an M. While we accept mature threads, please remember that the site is still aimed at family and PG-13 so please to not write graphic matings or explicit gore even in mature marked threads.

- You do not have to post a profile and you do not have to wait for your character to be accepted before roleplaying. Jump right in!

- All point-of-views are allowed but third person is most commonly used. Please state when making RP requests if you use anything but third person.

- There is no limit to how many characters you can make. We don't keep track of your characters.

Spelling and Post Length
- Wolf Web does not have a minimum or maximum post length. That being said, it is strongly suggested that you post a minimum of one paragraph.

- Chat speak (lol, lmao, omg) and short hand (lyk, 4 instead of for) are strictly prohibited in the RP section of the site. The only time it is okay to use them, per site rules, is in OOC comments.

There is no true rule on spelling other than the above, but we do prefer that you give it a good try and use a spell checker if you need it. It's hard to reply to something you can't read or understand after all.

Character Creation
- All animals other than humans are accepted as long as there are wolves in the thread. We do not want threads that swing way out of what we're really here for: Wolves. So we ask that you play whatever creatures you want, but include wolves in it.

- Invincible characters are not allowed. Immortal is fine. Immortality can typically be defined as "Not dying of age", basically, "Growing old", although one who is immortal can still be killed, though usually by unconventional means. Your character must be able to be killed in some way.

- No all-powerful or Godly characters can be created. WW already has well established deities in our history, positions which were earned by the people who received them. For Realm characters, this also means that you have to keep magical-type powers to a minimum. Use common sense to judge what amount is okay. If unsure, don't hesitate to ask a staff or forum member. For more information, see the Legendary Characters and Breed Info post.

- Your character can be killed, though only with your consent. If you do not want them to be killed, do not put them in a situation they are unable to get out of. Please do not pull your character from the thread at the last moment. Do not kill another member's character without their consent.

- If your character dies in one thread, it cannot be found in another without a reasonable explanation. I.e. Ghost, zombie, somehow revived, or the thread takes place in the past.

- All natural species of wolf are excepted.

- All fictional species of wolves are accepted with permission of the creator/breed owner.

- You may create your own breed as long as it is not a copy of another breed or far too similar to another. If you are unsure, ask another member or staff member.

- Any age, gender, sexuality, and personality are allowed.

- All colors, sizes, and details are allowed, though we ask that you refrain from Alice In Wonderland type sizes; Don't make a character that is as big as a house or smaller than a flower. In the Realm, Dires and Hellhounds are among the largest of the wolf breeds and the Nadawi are the smallest to date. Please ask before making a character or breed of an extreme size.

Taken Names
- Don't use a name that has been already taken. Please see the Taken Names List for details.

- Anyone can make a pack and stake claim on land.

- Anyone can claim alpha status in a pack. There is no rule on this. You can claim any character is whatever rank in a pack of your own creation. Though, understandably, if no one is your pack, the title doesn't hold much weight.

- When joining a pack, abide by the rules set up by the pack owner/creator. Remember! Your character can be punished and killed if they break the rules.
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