Revamp Needed Here?

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Revamp Needed Here?

Postby wolflover on Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:19 am

Not sure if it's needed or not, but since we are revamping the whole site basically, I figured I should bring this up also.

So, if you guys could go through the Breed List and tell me if it needs revamping in someway or another. Check out the 'Heavy Hitters' and packs and what not. Have a look through who is behind each breed/pack, and let me know if there are things that need to be changed.

For example: Evil Wind has Shinny/Wolfsbane behind it. According to my rules, these are the people a newcomer would need to contact in order to talk about joining. Is this still true? Should it be someone else there?

So on and so forth.

Also - Since I am posting this for everyone to see and suggest on... You can tell me if you think there is someone who needs to be on the Heavy Hitters list, or a pack that needs to be on. Ultimately the mods will discuss your suggestions and see if everyone agrees. Or perhaps we'll vote on it. Who knows.

Anyway - go go go go go. Let me know. ;]
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