[[WW Forum Staff - Info & Contact]]

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[[WW Forum Staff - Info & Contact]]

Postby Adrasteia on Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:19 am

*many thanks to Lefi for the update on the info*

WW Forum Mods

Hello there! In this post, you can find everything you need to know about our WW staff from how we work, to how to become one yourself, to contact information.

WolfWeb started out as a forum about wolves in 1999 and later added a roleplay section. In 2006, the site was down for nearly a year and after returning, the owner of the site, Wolf, assigned members to staff as he saw fit. There have been very few changes to this since that day.

How We Work
The WW Forum staff work as a true team, as a democracy. Nearly all decisions made by the staff are made as a team decision; Every big decision, like banning members, is voted on within WW HQ. The WW staff is here to serve the members, we do not work as a bunch of tyranical overlords. We were all ordinary members once and were only chosen because we were taking care of the forum even without the title. WW is and will always be here for the members and many changes to the forum are discussed with the members publically before it is put into effect. Please note that this does not apply to the owner, Wolf, who has complete say over the site.

Staff Positions
Site Owner: The person responsible for making this site and keeping it around for so long. The credit here goes to Wolf.

Admins: The top of the top. This section of staff includes the site owner, Wolf, and two other staff members; Adrasteia and Kozmo.

Global Admins: A second account of Adra's, Zakariah, is in this group to do as she sees fit.

Moderators & RP Moderators: The body of the wonderful staffing team! These members take care of the nitty gritty around the site. They deal with all questions and troublemakers. The normal mods deal with the wolf information sections while the RP mods focus on the RP section and the wolf information. This group includes; Sharona, EM, Lefitte, and Wolflover.

Advisors: The Advisors portion of the staff are there to help the rest of the team make decisions and to give their input on things. Some specialize in different areas than others and are very beneficial to our team. Staff members who cannot keep up with WW and life are also in this group. The Advisors are our former Admin Cerberus, GTX, Wolfsbane, and Midnight Timber.

How to Become A Staff Member
Staff members are rarely added and only added when there is a need for them. The staff will first decide if there if a need for a new member and then come up with a few suggestions before posting a poll for the general members to vote on, usually with an option for a suggestion for another member who is not included on the poll. After voting is complete, the person with the majority vote is accepted into the staff! Please note that we do not take applications for staff members, but we appreciate anyone who wishes to help us out.

Contacting WW Forum Staff
Contact info for the Moderation team, just in case you ever need to reach one of us and don't want to use the Private Messaging method:

  • Adrasteia --->> adm.wolfweb[at]gmail[dot]com (easiest/quickest). <<--
    for all things account related/forum permissions, glitches, activation, etc, I'm your go-to chick. Also: harassment, username issues, -insert whatever behind the scenes problem you may have here- . I'll respond and/or resolve the issue within two days [gods permitting].
    Do NOT email me through my personal account.
  • Kozmo-- kozmo[dot]wolfweb[at]yahoo[dot]com
  • Cerberus-- cerberus[dot]wolfweb[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Lefitte -- Lefitte382[at]gmail[dot]com though messengers are the quickest, most reliable way to contact her. AIM: LefitteScree
  • wolflover -- wolflover[dot]wolfweb[at]gmail[dot]com
  • EM-- EM[dot]wolfweb[at]gmail[dot]com
  • GTX -- PM is the quickest and easiest way to contact him
  • Sharona -- TBD (I assume PM is best?)
  • Wolfsbane -- TBD (I assume PM is best?)

((Mods: please let me know via PM or HQ if you've changed your contact email))
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