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Moderator changes + forum adjustments

Postby Adrasteia on Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:11 am

G'day my beloved WW members!

This announcement comes a little late, but I wanted to make it clear that each person in the moderation team has felt the strain that the current lull in website activity and we have been paying attention to the numerous suggestions you have made on ways to spruce up the forum and bring life back into our home.
Slowly but surely we will bring about some changes.

Although I wish I could blink and bring the liveliness back to the forums, I cannot. I can, however, tweak a few things here and there in hopes of making some sort of progress.

  • Mod adjustments:

    Not too long ago, Cerberus stepped down as a forum administrator because Life happens and she no longer had/had the same amount of free time to dedicate to moderating WolfWeb as an admin.
    Since then, we [the mod squad] have chosen the best candidate for the position as co-admin.

    Congrats, Kozzi!

    If anyone has any objections to the decision, please send me a PM with your comments/suggestions, and the moderation team and I will discuss it.

  • Forum adjustments:

    --> Subforums under "Website" have been merged and condensed.

    --> I've switched the Roleplay and Miscellanous forums, after reading a few comments on it in this thread.

More to come within the next week...Please check this post for updates

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.//Di te ament
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