Rah'la vs. The Forces of Light - a sketch by Lefitte

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Rah'la vs. The Forces of Light - a sketch by Lefitte

Postby EM on Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:07 am

This sketch from Lefi is due to shenanigans on Facebook. Here's my FB post that led up to Lefi drawing this out.

I wish I had artistic abilities, because then, I could draw "comic trailers" of the things to come on WolfWeb.

*Clears throat to begin movie trailer style narration*

"Coming soon to a Realm near you."
*image of Skeezix, The Old Wolfsbane, appears and fades away*
"An Old Evil has vanished into a Loop of Time, and a New Evil returns from Exile to take his place."
*Rah'la, The New Wolfsbane, saunters out of a thick cloud of swirling fog... image fades out*
*Image of the various Forces of Light (too many to name them all, I'm lazy)*
"Can the Forces of Light defend the Realm from the 'Villainous Heroine?'"
*Rah'la suddenly crashes into and runs over Icarus, screaming unintelligibly about EVIL DUCKS! and then runs out of frame*
*Forces of Light are confused as they watch the Freak-Out Mode progress out of frame*
Lyra: "Annnnd the Forces of Light assemble to defeat... SOMEBODY NOT VERY BAAAAAD!"
*The Wild Wind materializes behind the distracted Forces of Light*

[Yeah, I "quoted" Tom Hiddleston, hah!]

The comic features (in order of appearance, I think)... Skeezix, Rah'la, Rainbow Chaser, Vae Victus, Silvana, Savona, Icarus, Lyra, and LEGION.

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