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Skip the Trip - Mangled [Idiocy] Pack - M/Semi-Open

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Skip the Trip - Mangled [Idiocy] Pack - M/Semi-Open

Postby silentmoon on Sun Dec 14, 2008 6:03 pm

(( Click here if you would like to join! It is semi-open, and sort of mature. This can be a vicious pack...Haha! Plus, I am using Acennan, which I have no sheet for, yet, BUUT I am gonna make one. I am modifying her to match this pack...))

The night was unusually quiet, with eerie silences ringing in someones' ears. The owls didn't hoot, no crickets sang their mating song, no wind blew. The sun was slowly setting, and her body was changing. But now, she looked like a something from heaven with the smile that would melt any heart. Acennan wasn't what she seemed. Her heart and soul was focused on making any life miserable. Yes, that was just how she was. But, back to the angel part:

She looked like an angel. What with her sleek, smooth, white fur, and soft green eyes. Her body was small, lithe, and fit. Her paws a smaller version, with black on the tips of each of her toes. Orange wove through her fur on her legs, like stripes of a zebra. When her ears twitched, the glittery spark on her ears were turned to orange in the light. In the dark, they were a dark spot, and in the shadows, looked like she had part of both her ears bitten off.

But now as the sun dropped down, her body was changing. She was gonna turn into the monster she always was and would be. The b*tch part of her would come out ten fold and wreck havoc where ever and when ever she could. Looking at the horizon on the mountains from the plains she sat upon, dark mischeif crossed er gentle, soft green eyes. But as the sun went down, they changed to a dark, lusterous, bleeding metallic silver. But that was only the beginning.

Her paws, up to her shoulders, changed to a red hue, like the fresh bleeding of prey. And one she would get soon. The white along her back switched to a black, with the stripes of a tiger moving through the fur on her back. Orange dominated the color on her legs, and the orange glitter on the top of her ears? It was the same metallic silver of her eyes, except brighter. A smile crossed her features as she changed.. A look of pure orgasmic bliss.

Ace got up, shook out her now dark pelt and walked towards her home. She moved in rhythm to her own beat in the Realm. As she walked, she drew deep into the solace of her mind, drawing on the last strings of sanity she had. But, Hell, she wasn't sane. She knew it. It was obvious. Acennan drew on the pain, the suffering, regret, and torment that others excluded.

She breathed it in, like it was her life essance. Which, in a way it was. She dealt out the chaos, the suffering like it was her second nature, but in all reality, she was born to do this. And, quite frankly, she loved it. More than she loved her Father for saving her life. And, as of right now, she could care less about him. Males were nothing but trouble. Atleast until she met Bee. How an evil creature could feel such love was beyond anyone, especially her.

Tilting her head, she quickened her walk to a lope. Her tail wagged slowly behind her. She was ready to be back again, except the stupid pack she had was full of idiots and paranoids sons-of-b*thces. Which, she had bred them all but one. Shaking her head, she grinned. Well, two. Her mate was not of blood, but it wouldn't surprise her if he somehow was. He was a complete Mutt like her.

Sighing, she felt a light drizzle start to fall. This was going to be fun when she got back. Reaching the beginning of the forests, she ran strait through till she got to the South Mountains base and ran half way around, following the edge of her pack borders before turning a sharp left and running a half mile through a lighter set of woods. She reached the back entrance of the pack's den.

Her eyes shone in the night, even though no moon showed. She grinned, a snarl ripping through her system. In this pack, she was no a b*tch to be f*cked with. She was enough on her own to lead three packs, that is, if they were evil. She ruled through fear and hatred. And yet, as Bee came into her vision, she melted into a puddle of nothing. Shaking her head again, she sat down on her haunches and waited to see their reaction to her presence.

And if she was ignored as like before, some heads would be ripped off. Picking up a paw, she licked it slowly, before setting it down. Tonight would be fun, for she had planned a hunting party. Her blood was running thick through her veins and running a hot stream to her brain. Wiring it up to go. Though, she would go alone and enjoy the kill herself, with no one to share it with. Well, except Bee.
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Re: Skip the Trip - Mangled [Idiocy] Pack - M/Semi-Open

Postby Unoma on Sun Dec 14, 2008 8:55 pm

Do dum dee do dum dee.

Hello Tree.

A large, muscular yellow figure, with black paws, black tail, blue tipped randomly throughout the fur, blue ears, black raccoon mask around dark blue eyes and large yellow wings, with blue tips and black stripes, sat at a bottom of a tree. Head tilted, blue orbs stared upwards at the tree, paying close attention to the details of the branches and the distance of each one from him. Humming lightly to himself, he bobbed his head side to side in an odd dancing motion. Raising to his back paws, he leaped at the tree, claws scratching wildly at the bark as he tried to grip into it. This ended with him crashing back into the ground.

Standing, he shook himself off and repeated this process. Jump, scratch, fall. Jump, scratch fall. Until finally the brute was successful, he reaches and branch and was able to wiggle himself upon it. Ah ha. King of the world now. Bow to me! He stuck his chest out, and stood tall, proud of his achievement. Blue orbs looked around the area slightly, as rain began to drizzle down. He grinned like a cat that had the cream, as he patted the tree with his paw. This tree was his friend. It had been since, he found Ace and the pack was started. His lovely mate Ace. He hide in this tree when she was in one of her moods. She was in those a lot it seemed.

The male that laid in the tree, thinking about his mate and pack was named CrackBee. His parent's decided on that name, for he was an idiot and reminded them of a bee. Besides the fact he was scared of bee's, it didn't mind his name. He wasn't the smartest male in the world, he freaked out a lot, and held barely any good leadership qualities. That probably made many wonder how he could be alpha male of a pack. Well, it was Ace. She seemed to like his foolishness and he was a great listener. Naive though, and she seemed to get on to him about believing other's so quickly. He was to trusting for his own good.

Bee stared out into the openness, watching a figure move towards them. At first, he was afraid, for he thought it might be a chicken, until he saw the colors of the creature. It was Ace, returning from where ever she went to. He was unsure, and didn't like to ask her questions. So he minded his own business most of the time and let her do what she wanted. He didn't care. Watching her move to the den beside his tree, she sat and seemed to want attention. He was unsure to go down there, or not, just incase she was in one of her mood's tonight. Yet, it didn't matter, the branch he was laying on was to weak for his body weight. Cracking sounds were faint at first, but then they got louder and it was inevitable that it would break.


The fall was quick and he didn't even have time to yell. Hitting the ground with a loud thump, a yellow, blue and black figure was tangled up in leaves and the branch that fell with him. Well, at least the branch broke his fall. Groaning lightly, he closed his blue eyes and squirmed around trying to untangle himself from the mess he was in. Finally escaping the clutches of the demon branch, he rose and turned towards the tree. His fur puffed up like a pissed off cat, and he walked towards the tree. Giving it a light shove with his paw, his maw opened and he began to yell at it.

" What was that Bob? Why did you have to go and do that? I didn't do anything to you, Bob. I thought we were friends! That was SOOO uncalled for."

Turning away from the tree, Bob as he called it, he looked at Ace and gave her a smile. Shaking his fur, he folded his wings against his back( Which no one ever figures why he doesn't fly to the branches instead of trying to climb it) and moved to her slowly. He sat by her and nuzzled her neck softly. He gave her a goofy grin and then looked around the area.

" Hiya sweetie. You were gone a while. Where did everyone else go? They were here...I think."
Appearance has changed. I need to update this!!!
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Re: Skip the Trip - Mangled [Idiocy] Pack - M/Semi-Open

Postby Kozmo on Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:02 am

"Tell me, baby/
What's your story?
Where do you come from/
And where you wanna go this time?
You're so lovely/
Are you lonely?
The thing we need is never all that hard to find..."

Shadows moved against the deepening black. Overhead, an owl screeched. And a pair of green-gold eyes stared out from beneath a bush. Were one to actually look at the owner of the eyes, they would see two ears laid back, and a tail tucked beneath a svelte body, clearly terrified. A mouse skittered across the path, and our 'fearless heroine' proceeded to... well... mildly put... FREAK THE HELL OUT!

With a yelp, she launched herself out of the bush. Once in the light, however, it was clear that this wasn't just any wolf. An actual patchwork of colors, this was perhaps one of the oddest wolves ever seen. On feathered wing... a tattered leather one... a myriad of color. And a mane/ruff that made her neck look slightly larger than it was, due to the difference of length. Yes, she was pretty... but very unusual.

Now in the night, she shivered, trying to make herself look smaller than usual... into the smallest target possible, actually. Like a puppy, she was afraid of the dark. Unlike a puppy, she was fully grown. This contradiction was enough to make even the most devout of suitors step back and walk away from her. After all, no one wanted a wolf who couldn't even tell you what breed she was... let alone the sheer terror when it was dark.



Yelping, the female took off like a shot. There could be anything attatched to that sound. Maybe it was a bear? OMG! Or another wolf? Or a big, scary monster with fangs and claws and powers! Or maybe it was someone who wanted to play? YAY! Playtime!

Oh, right.

Run the hell away from the sound.

But where did the sound come from?

Ah, just keep running.

Racing into a clearing, she spied her alphas, and yipped as she dashed forward. While not very bright, she had enough sense to dip her head into a bow, before wriggling in a very puplike fashion.

"Hihihi!" She practically bounced on her toes, tail swishing behind her. "Ooh... it's scary and dark and I heard a big snap! Why do you think it went snap? I think it went snap cause a giant monster was passing through! Where is everyone? Did they all leave cause they don't like mee?" Her chin fell then.

"I don't want them to not like me..."

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Re: Skip the Trip - Mangled [Idiocy] Pack - M/Semi-Open

Postby adriannahowl on Thu Dec 18, 2008 8:33 am

A solid pink paw stepped out cautiously on the ground. It didn't want to squash any of the precious ants. Her eyes were mottled with icy blue and orange, as the temperature seemed to be shifting and had yet to make up it's mind. "Don't step on an ant, don't step on an ant, don't step on an ant..."Miapa repeated this over and over and over, in hopes that she wouldn't. After all, she may be stepping on an old friend or even GASP a future meal. As soon as she was twenty feet from the ant hill, she relaxed her green frame and fell into a more regular rythm.

"Hello, Mister Squirell! Hello little bird! Hello little worm!" Miapa called out a greeting to every animal she met, and occasionally marked a few trees, as was the custom of male wolves. But this was not territory of her own. It was her pack's. And speaking of her pack, they were just ahead of her convening. CrackBee, Acennan, and even that really paranoid one. But the paranoid one was kind of hot...Miapa didn't bother to look at the alphas.

"Hello, my dearies...How are we all on this lovely, wonderful, whimsical day?" It was then that she reached the others, twitching her puple ears in excitement. Their tails were all so pretty, and turny, and colorful, and...Miapa burst into giggles. Of course, she should be focusing on the conversation rather than the...the...tails.

((Sorry for the shortness. I've got a bad case of sis-over-my-shoulder-yelling-at-me-to-get-off-itis. ))
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Re: Skip the Trip - Mangled [Idiocy] Pack - M/Semi-Open

Postby Mistress_Unknown on Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:45 am

Step. Step. Step. Snap. OMAWHATWASTHAT?!

O, right, paws meet twig. Right. Breath in. Breath out.



O, yeah, I am......WHO ARE YOU?!...........wait, that's me? WHO AM I?! I IS OUT TO GET ME!!!!!!!

Needless to say, our 'wolf' took off running to escape 'I'. Did she every register that 'I' was another way to say 'me'? No. No, she didn't.

After all, her name was Kurutta, not I. Therefore, I was not Kurutta, and therefore I WAS OUT TO GET HER!!!


Of course, as all classic running scenes end, her front left paw happened to meet a tree root that was sticking out of the ground. She fell face first in the dirt, and proceeded to have a Royal MELT DOWN!

"What the hecklers was THAT?! It's a sniper, or a.........hunter....or........what...if.........it's........a.......gulp.........RABBITS?! RABBITS EAT PEOPLE'S THROATS!!! I know it's that one from that one time. It looked at me with those big vicious brown eyes, and now it's after me. It's gonna eeeeaaaaaat meeeeeee. With those GIANT fangs and claws, and that....NOSE!!! PINK NOSES ARE EVIL!!!!"

At this point, she finally noticed something (her) was talking. It was that monster that was following her. It tried to swallow her......it was ALWAYS there. ALWAYS! With it's black inky depths and it looked like a wolf. And it was ALWAYS under her. HOW THE HECKLERS DID IT DO THAT?!

It was a wizard, it had to be. An evil wizard from a former life that wanted revenge. Yeah..............that was SO it.

O, right................run............

"EVIL SHADOW WIZARD!!!!!" There we go, now all paws are moving. She was completely mutant, but NOTHING compared to the Water Demon. It stalked her, so she could never get a drink. It was going to swallow her one of these days.

O, yeah, by the way, she was so busy trying to avoid Shadow Wizards and Water Demons that she forgot about the slight cliff that led to the ground, and proceeded to fall.

Don't worry! She landed on her head. No fears.


Or........was there?
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